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That picture was money by the way. My buddy who I call Manowar because he only wears Manowar and Symphony X shirts (actually you know him Maiden) loved Kings X as I knew he would. Lots of people did, I just don't get them. They've been around forever and their music is mind numbing to me. Not sure what their last song was but it was the same basic riff for 6 minutes and had this weird stop/start for the last 2 minutes. I had people cracking up while I screamed "play that same riff again" and they did... for 2 more agonizing minutes. Sorry I just don't get them but didn't mean to put them on blast that bad. I was just fired up from seeing a true rock star last night. My respect for Wolf Hoffman runs deep and last night he killed it. I was very glad I went, I just wish I would have gotten there late.

Here is my best recollection of the setlist. I was so happy to hear those 2 songs I didn't expect to hear that I was in my glory all night after that. I was hoping to hear Son of a Bitch, Turn Me On, Dogs on Leads or Too High to Get it Right but I couldn't complain. 3 songs off Blood of the Nations was cool too.

Midnight Mover
Teutonic Terror
Restless & Wild
London Leatherboys
Fast As a Shark
Locked and Loaded
Metal Heart
Neon Nights
Flash Rocking Man
Living for Tonight
Up To the Limit


The Abyss
Princess of the Dawn
Balls to the Wall
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon
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