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Day I:

Absu: (60 mins)

An Involution of Thorns
Descent to Acheron (Evolving into the Progression of Woe)
Night Fire Canonization
Highland Tyrant Attack
Pillars of Mercy
Swords and Leather
Magic(k) Square Cipher
Girra's Temple
Four Crossed Wands
The Coming of War (Morbid Scream cover)

The Chasm: (60 mins)

Entering a Superior Dimension
Deathcult Arrival
I'm the Hateful Raven
Return of the Banished
The Scars of My Journey
Vault to the Voyage
Secret Wings of Temptation
Our Time Will Come...

Diabolic: (45 mins)

Grave Warnings
Hellish World
Fragmented Kreation
Chaos in Hell
Excisions of Exorcisms
Jaws of Death
View With Abhorrence
Supreme Evil
Cross Contamination (Unholy Ghost cover)
Marked for Banishment

Sathanas: (30 mins)

March Through Fire
Jaws of Satan
Servent to the Ungod
Soul Cremator
Empire Daemonium
Entering the Diabolic Trinity
Blood of Christ
Possessed by Blasphemy

Nunslaughter: (30 mins)

This is Fucking War
I Hate Christians
Fuck the Bastard
Killed by the Cross
No Place for the Cross
Satanic Slut
Raid the Convent
Smell the Burning Churches
The Guts of Christ
Jesus is Doomed
Atheist Ways

Hacavitz: (30 mins)

To Meet Again
Serpents ov Smoke
Tsita Ndšte
Most Unclean
Gorajtzin Miqui
Lusting the Dead ov Nite
Ride the Nebulah

Day II:

Autopsy: (75 mins)

Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
In the Grip of Winter
Orgy in Excrements
Ridden With Disease
Impending Dread
Human Genocide
Pus - Rot
Mental Funeral
Death Twitch
Hole in the Head
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
Robbing the Grave
Seven Skulls
Torn From the Womb
Ugliness and Secretions
Several Survival
Walls of the Coffin
Service for a Vacant Coffin
Charred Remains
Critical Madness
Dark Crusade

Order From Chaos: (60 mins)

Dawn Bringer Invictus / Tenebrae
Webs of Perdition
Iconoclasm Conquest
Forsake Me This Mortal Coil
Plateau of Invincibility
The Edge of Forever
There Lies Your Lord, Father of Victories
An Ending in Fire
Blood and Thunder
Stillbirth Machine

Impiety: (45 mins)

Intro / Vientos De Holocausto
Reign the Vulture
Lord of Apokalypse
Escalate the Pestilence
Atomic Angel Assault
Ironflames of Hate

Jungle Rot: (40 mins)

Victims of Violence
Worst Case Scenario
Nerve Gas Catastrophe
Consumed in Darkness
Darkness Foretold
Eternal Agony
Gore Bag
Immersed in Pain
Strangulation Mutilation
Killing Spree
State of War
Destruction and Misery
Circle of Death/Jungle Rot

Ares Kingdom: (40 mins)

Descent of Man
Gathering the Eagles
Firestorm Redemption
A Dream of Armageddon

Avulsed: (30 mins)

Breaking Hymens
Hidden Perversions
Voracious Backpacker
Cradle of Bones
Gangrened Divined Stigma
Fair Flesh Obsession

Interment: (30 mins)

Eternal Darkness
Torn From the Grave
Sacrificial Torment
Morbid Death
Stench of Flesh
Dreaming in Dead
Night of the Undead

Visions of the Night: (30 mins)

Eye of War (Intro)
Supreme Militarism
!Total Victory!
Victory Through Suicide
Murder of the Self
Resurrection of Honour
Eternally Self-Victimized
Chthonian Encroachment

Perversor: (30 mins)

Victory of the Legions of the Damned
Evil Master
Unholy Attack
Enthrone the God of Blasphemy
Alcoholic Agressor
Nameless Creature

Vomitor: (30 mins)

Crimson Tide
Devil's Poison
Terminal Torture
Bleeding the Priest
Beast of Sodom
Flesh for Satan

Day III:

Necrophagia: (60 mins)

Dead Skin Slave
Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
Cannibal Holocaust
Return to Texas
World Funeral
Forbidden Pleasure
Bloodfreak (guitar by Phil Anselmo)
Embalmed Yet I Breath (guitar by Phil Anselmo)
The Cross Burns Black (guitar by Phil Anselmo)
Blaspheme the Body
Zť Do Caix„o
Young Burial

Viking Crown (reunion): (40 mins)

Intro: Song of Sadus
Innocence From Hell
The Burning Embers of Mockery
Asmodeus Rising
The Red Flames of Sin
Lust and Destruction
Satan Ruler of Earth
Raped by an Angel
The Judas Goat

Incantation: (40 mins)

Primordial Domination
Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies
Iconoclasm of Catholicism
Anoint the Chosen
Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment
Rotting With Your Christ
Sacrificial Sanctification
The Ibex Moon

Nokturnel: (30 mins)

Legend of the Wolven
Visions of the Haunted
Realm of Possession
I Remain Faithless
A Collision of Dimensions
Immortal Destroyer
Global Suicide

Witchaven: (30 mins)

Empty Chasm
Unholy Copulation
Dawn of the Unholy
Black Thrash Assault

Gutted: (30 mins)

Chopped Up on the Altar
Sins of God
Floor of Blood
Chock Full of Guts
Nailed to the Cross

Bloodsoaked: (30 mins)

Existence Denied
Rotting in Flesh
Suffocating the Unborn
My Own God
Blind Date Beating
Gates to Hell (Obituary cover)

Malebolgia: (30 mins)

Degrading Succession
Veiled Impurity
Dominion of Alchemy
Born of the Nephelim
Beast of Euphoria
Involuntary Recollections
Pissing Pus
Ave Azarate! 218
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