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Blackdiamondskye -- New York, NY -- September 24th, 2010

I showed up a little late so I missed the first couple Mastodon songs. The place was pretty empty when during their set but it was nice to finally get to hear Blood and Thunder and Colony of Birchmen.

Naked Burn
Crystal Skull
Colony of Birchmen
Capillarian Crest
The Czar
Blood and Thunder

Im not familiar with much of the Deftones material so I cant post a set. The only songs they played that I was familiar with were Rocket Skates (which I think they opened with) and Diamond Eyes. Im not a fan of their music but they put on a good show.

Alice in Chains
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
Your Decision
No Excuses
Down in A Hole
We Die Young
Acid Bubble
Lesson Learned


Man in the Box

Alice in Chains was fantastic. This was my first time seeing them and I would love to see them again next time they come around. I may have screwed up the order a bit but they played all these songs.

Shitty pics I took with my phone:

Jerry Cantrell

William Duvall

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