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Accept -- Baltimore, MD -- September 24th, 2010

At the last minute I got offered a ticket and ride to see Accept and Kings-X at Rams Head in Baltimore and I accepted. My expectations for women and cool people were low but I own a bunch of Accept albums/cd's so why not check them out.

Kings-X were exactly what I expected. Boring and huge with the Dream Theater Crowd. I couldn't have described them better in any way. They suck live and had me yawning until the last song which was so repetative that I actually found myself singing along for 10 seconds so I got exactly that much pleasure out of them. Some people loved them but they're terrible live and boring as fuck. If you're a sheep you will love them. If you have a brain and actually like to be stimutated mentally, get there late. The singer is so cracked out that all I thought about was slamming a cheeseburger down his throat to help him. Sad but true...

Accept killed it. Seriously they killed it! The entire setlist was great but the fact they played Flash Rocking Man and Monsterman made my night. If I had it to do over again I would have set up shop in front of Wolf Hoffman on the right side of the stage but I was front row and really enjoyed the show from that vantage point. Wolf killed it and shredded every solo exactly as I remembered it. Even the new stuff was thick and powerful and all about Wolf shredding his solos.

Overall an incredible show. Accept are unreal even with a Udo clone but the real star is Wolf Hoffman. ALL HAIL!
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