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Alice in Chains -- Uncasville, CT -- September 20th, 2010


Naked Burn
Crystal Skull
Colony of Birchmen
Capillarian Crest
The Czar
Blood and Thunder

Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
Around The Fur
Be Quiet and Drive
My Own Summer
You've Seen The Butcher
Change (in the house of flies)
Engine No. 9
7 Words

Alice in Chains:
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
Your Decision
No Excuses
We Die Young
Acid Bubble
Lesson Learned
Got Me Wrong
Man in the Box

Got floor tickets for the show at four. Doors were at six. Just like STP a couple weeks ago, people were giving away floor tickets at Mohegan Sun when we got there. We enter the arena at 640 and walk right up to the rail. I mean I didn't even bump into anybody getting to it. Two of our friends were there too, so we had a group which was nice.

Mastodon came on and was nice. They sounded tight. When Colony of Birchmen came on I went nuts. Everybody within a ten foot radius was elbowed. I wasn't throwing elbows, per se, but they were catching them. It's not my fault there was a whopping two people including myself going off for this song. At least that's how it was in my immediate area. One of the things I really liked about their set was that they kept it moving. It was a decent set.

Deftones hit the stage and I yawned a lot. I haven't seen them since '01 and they seem to be a shell of that band. They played their songs well and I enjoyed the songs I like, but compared to what I've seen before it was just okay. For one thing the drums were mixed WAY too low. The band itself wasn't that loud. One thing I will say is that Chino was great. The guy carried their whole show on his back. Energy, performance, and dedication wise, he was on fire. It was like it was the last show they were ever going to play. The dude really left it all out there and I have to give him credit. This one girl next to me was there for the Deftones and when Chino pointed at her and sang to her I thought she was going to die. That made me laugh. Girls are funny that way.

Alice in Motherfucking Chains comes out. This was when being on the rail paid off. I got to finally see how Kinney plays some of his drum parts. The guy is by far my favorite part about the band. He is unconventional in many ways and it was a pleasure to watch all the band members up close, but Kinney is a beast. As they say on the interwebs...DAMN NIGGA!!! At the end of the show I got picks from DuVall, Mike, and Jerry. They have the heart logo on them. Cool, cuz I could use some picks. This will be the last time I see this band. I don't like hearing the new album live as much as I thought I would and I saw them in 06 play for three hours with an hour long acoustic set sandwiched in between two regular ones. Nothing more to see now.


Mastodon: Thank you for playing Blood Mountain songs. I know everybody jerks off to Leviathan (which I also love), but BM is my fav. These guys played a good mix considering that anything from Remission is a gift on this tour.

Deftones: Good balance of songs.

Alice in Chains: Work on your fucking set lists bros. These guys would build up momentum then KILL THE FUCK OUT OF IT, usually with something from BGWTB. Too much new album for me, but it was really the massive momentum swings that killed it. When I say "killed it" I really mean I experienced a lowering of mood from "complete happiness" for a little while. Nothing major, but I think these veterans of the game should be able to construct a more working setlist.
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