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As I Lay Dying -- Grand Rapids, MI -- September 21st, 2010

Carnifex setlist (I think I'm missing a song in the middle)

In Coalesce With Filth & Faith
Names Mean Nothing
Entombed Monarch
Lie to My Face
Hell Chose Me

Unearth setlist

The Great Dividers
My Will Be Done
Crow Killer
This Lying World
One Step Away
Sanctity of Brothers
Black Hearts Now Reign

All That Remains setlist

new song
Forever In Your Hands
Before the Damned
Not Alone
Hold On (new song)
new song
This Calling
The Air That I Breathe
Two Weeks

As I Lay Dying Setlist

94 Hours
An Ocean Between Us
Anodyne Sea
Beyond Our Suffering
The Sound of Truth
Within Destruction
Meaning in Tragedy
Through Struggle
Nothing Left
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