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Originally Posted by Queensrychian View Post
Yeah they were to busy doing turn the page, and pu$%y songs like nothing else matter instead of ride, fight, for whom, creep, need I say more.
Huge fan but when the big four come around slayer will kick metallica's ass off the stage. Stop doing these Shitty sets and man up and do some f'ing metal. Finally is it me or is it time to lose seek and destroy and sad but true forever?????????
I could do without TTP and NEM should've been gone long ago. S&D and SBT can go away for a bit to, or at the very least be part of the rotation they do. If former set mainstays like CD, FWTBT, FTB, Battery, Sanitarium, T4H and Whiplash can be rotated in and out, songs like SBT, S&D and NEM very well should be to and not be an exception.

Still, this was the second show played at this venue so maybe they wanted to do something completely different. A lot of the same people may have seen them the first night to.
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