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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
Saw him in Norfolk, Va on Saturday. Myles Kennedy had to use lyrics sheets for almost the whole show.... They kept changing them out for him. I was disappointed by that.....

Also, no Welcome to the Jungle was very disappointing.
wow, That is strange. He didn't have one in Atlanta that i noticed. Never saw anyone bring lyrics or sheets of paper up during the show. Saw the setlist being taped down before the gig but not anything else.
He played more GnR then I thought. Liked that he didn't play too many hits. rather hear My Michelle and Night Train...but I understand you being bummed. My friend had his hopes up for welcome as well as more Illusion tracks.
as far as sound, i have good custom ear plugs that seem to filter out most of the fuzz crap you hear live and I heard great from where I was. I sat about 6 row behind the front of house board.
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