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Metallica -- Toronto, Ontario -- July 3rd, 1998

First real concert I ever went to (had only been to Edgefest and some local bands before this). Don't think this has ever been posted but if it has, my apologies.

Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man
The Thing That Should Not Be
Kirk's Guitar Thingy
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Bass/Guitar Doodle
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
King Nothing
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
Low Man's Lyric (Acoustic)
The Four Horsemen (Acoustic)
Motorbreath (Acoustic)
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death

Great show but I remember my buddy and I being annoyed as fuck that they played The Four Horsemen and Motorbreath on acoustic guitars. I also remember two lesbos making out in front of us.

I love inside jokes, I'd love to be a part of one some day.

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