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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Was Resist done acoustically at that time?
No, it was played like the regular album version

Originally Posted by snowdog2112 View Post
Really? He has The 3 Stooges intro listed for the Vapor Trails Tour
To be honest, I've always seen this page as a top source on Rush's touring history and i've always found it's info very reliable, along with the Power Windows...A Tribute To Rush page. Who btw, also has T&M listed as being played and has the 3 Stooges intro for the VT tour.

If you don't believe me about T&M getting played just check with the guys over at The Rush Forum. I'm sure someone else will be able to confirm that over there.

As for the 3 Stooges intro on the VT tour, I honestly don't recall what they used as an intro that tour. The DVD didn't show the intro either but i'm positive as to what songs i've heard them do live before.
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