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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Single player the 1st half of the missions are a breeze but the 2nd half are epic wars. The flying missions are unlike anything in Halo before. Peobably my favorite Halo game and some great "blast from the past" screens in multiplayer.

Going to attempt Legendary now. Can only imagine how hard some levels will be...
I'm stuck on the Winter Contingency (I think that's the name) mission. I think when I saved and quit I was about half way's hard as tits. At the end where it shows your medals/kills and what not it said my highest kill streak was 30 and I had over 15 deaths. Elites are tough bastards and Hunters take TONS of punishment before they finally die.

EDIT: The mission is actually Oni: Sword Base, not Winter Contingency. On Alpha Point Bravo right now.
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