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As I Lay Dying -- Knoxville, TN -- September 19th, 2010

I got to the Valarium at about 4:30 and waited in line until the doors opened up at 6:00. As I Lay Dying signed autographs from about 6:30 until Carnifex started playing at 7:00. I am not a huge Carnifex fan but they definitely started the night off the right way. I was surprised they sounded so tight. Really clean set. And their brutal breakdowns got the circle pits going. Great set.

Carnifex :
In Coalesce with Filth and Faith
Names Mean Nothing
Entombed Monarch
The Diseased and the Poisoned
Lie to My Face
Hell Chose Me

Unearth was up next and they did not disappoint. These guys really played to the crowd the whole time they were on stage. After the opening song their rhythm guitarist, Ken Susi, funneled a beer. And a couple of songs later the whole band took shots of some tennessee whiskey, which really got the crowd going. Unearth's set was damn near flawless. I was rocking out too hard to remember all of their set. But I know they played these songs. I'm not sure of the order either.

My Will Be Done
Black Hearts Now Reign
Zombie Autopilot
The Great Dividers
Sanctity of Brothers

All that remains was up next. I had really high expectations for ATR due to how good Carnifex and Unearth were. And I guess I expected them to sound as good live as they do on their albums. I suppose I expected too much. The vocals and drums were spot on, but I thought the guitars sounded muddy throughout the whole set and I noticed some timing issues a few times. Overall it was a decent set but not up to my expectations. I know they played these songs but I'm not sure of the order.

All That Remains:
For We Are Many
Hold On
Forever in Your Hands
The Air That I Breath
This Calling
Not Alone
Days Without
Before the Damned
Two Weeks

As I Lay Dying was next to the stage after a long delay b/c of some technical issues. The best word for their performance would have to be "epic". They completely stole the show. I guess they should have since they were headlining. But anyway. Good song selection in my opinion. The drum solo by Jordan Mancino was epic as well. They finished the last song of their main set to a chorus of "one more song" by the crowd. Then the intro to AOBU, Separation, started playing and the place went fucking nuts. They played Nothing Left and then Tim said they would play one more song but only if we gave them a wall of death. So the crowd gladly obliged. That was the first wall of death I have seen live so that was cool. Overall, their set was pretty much perfect.

As I Lay dying :
94 hours
Anodyne Sea
Beyond our suffering
Drum Solo
The Sound of Truth
Within Destruction
An Ocean Between Us
Through Struggle
Nothing Left

Overall thoughts: I thought that the crowd represented the Knoxville area metal scene very well. You could tell all the bands really appreciated the energy expended by the crowd. And I'm happy to say this concert was hardcore dancing free. Overall, one of the best concerts I've been to.

Band scores:

Carnifex: 9.0/10
Unearth: 9.5/10
All that Remains: 7/10
As I Lay Dying: 10/10
9/3 - Periphery/THA/Contortionist
10/18 - GWAR/ETID
10/27 - BTBAM/Animals As Leaders
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