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Slash -- Atlanta, GA -- September 20th, 2010

here is a quick review of the Slash show in Atlanta.
Venue: Center Stage Theatre. Capacity 1500-2000. Hard to get a count. Sold out. The place is great and looks like a mini arena in it's layout. Trucked on down from Nashville to see this and it turned out to be way more fun then we had thought.
I knew i was going to go to this when Slash finally hit the states so I only ever read a couple of setlists early on before he came home. The reports of Myles Kennedy being a good solid vocalist and being able to pull of all the different singers is really true. He doesn't run around much, instead does a Jim Morrison like approach to his stage presence. the rest of the band played great, did there parts and got out of the way when they were suppose to. Slash was what you would expect him to be and more. he really tore it up, looked like he was having a great time and would occasionally get to the mic and crack some jokes. Setlist was great, good flow to it with a few surprises. Highlights for me were "My Michele", "Sucker Train Blues", "Dr Alibi", "Night Train", and "Slither"
Opening band was called taddy porter. a good band, nothing out of the ordinary for a blues based hard rock band. had a "Free" vibe going on with their sound if I had to compare them with someone. Played about 30 minutes.
Slash came on about 9:30 and played about 1:45 . I wasn't going to get any merch and wanted to go get a good spot since it was general admission. I Didn't price the shirts but my friend said they looked to all be around $40 and hoodies for $60. saw a Slash picture shirt and a Slash solo album cover shirt.
The set is right and in order as it was given to me by Slash's Lighting director.

1. Ghost
2.Mean Bone
3. Night Train
4.Sucker train Blues
5.Back From Cali
6.Civil War......didn't know he was playing this and it sounded great. Added a bit of Voodoo Chile at the end.
7. Rocket Queen
8.Beggars & Hangers On
9. Do it for the Kids
10. Dr Alibi (Bass player sang)
11.Watch this (Myles played third guitar)
12. Starlight
13. Just Like Anything
14.Slash solo / full band jam on Godfather theme
15.Sweet Child o' Mine
16. Rise Today
17. Slither
18. By The Sword
19. My Michele
20. Paradise City
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