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Rush -- Bristow, Virginia -- September 18th, 2010

01. The Spirit Of Radio
02. Time Stand Still
03. Presto
04. Stick It Out
05. Workin' Them Angels
06. Leave That Thing Alone
07. Faithless
08. BU2B
09. Freewill
10. Marathon
11. Subdivisions

12. Tom Sawyer
13. Red Barchetta
14. YYZ
15. Limelight
16. The Camera Eye
17. Witch Hunt
18. Vital Signs
19. Caravan
20. Drum Solo
21. Closer To The Heart (Alex Acoustic Intro)
22. 2112 (Overture/The Temples of Syrinx)
23. Far Cry

24. La Villa Strangiato
25. Working Man

My first time seeing Rush and they were AMAZING! Like, I knew it would be great, but I didn't expect to be blown away like that. The videos were funny, the special effects were cool, the guys looked like they were having fun, and the musicianship was mindblowing. I knew Geddy was a great bassist and he was always one of my favorites but I have a new-found respect for his playing now that I've seen him live.

Sold out show but the crowd was still a bit lame. I guess that's to be expected with so many old fans wearing polos in attendance. It's the first time I've heard Caravan and BU2B and I thought Caravan was so-so but BU2B was great. I liked Geddy's remark about how it was fitting for the high holidays.

Highlights: Marathon, Presto, YYZ, Subdivisions, The Camera Eye
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