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Katatonia -- St. Paul, MN -- September 18th, 2010

*Note, I was not at this show because I had a gig of my own, but from the bootleg site Dimeadozen, this is everything that happened last night*

Katatonia - "Technical Problems in St. Paul"
Station 4
St. Paul, MN, USA
September 18, 2010

Zoom H4 internal mics (.wav file 44.1 kHz 16-bit) -> Audacity (amplification, normalization, channel balancing) -> WavePad Master's Edition (track splitting) .wav PCM format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit) -> FLAC Frontend (level 8)

Recorded from about 30 feet in front of stage - dead center.

There was definitely some bad mojo going on for this show. I feel fortunate that the show was completed and that I was able to get a decent recording. Here's all the adversity that challenged this show:

FIRST - I arrived early for the meet & greet (what a great bunch of guys!), put my swag back in my car afterward, then set up in the prime acoustic spot at this venue. I went to "rig-up" during the first opening act (Cold Colours) only to find that I did not have my battery box for my external cardioid mics. After Cold Colours I made another trip to my car to see if my battery box was there and came up empty-handed. Thus, I was left with no option other than to use the internal mics on the H4. I did find my battery box when I got home at 1:30 - it had fallen under my desk!

SECOND - As announced by Jonas at the start of the show, the show started a bit late because two of Katatonia's guitars were stolen from backstage!

THIRD - After the first song there was a delay because Daniel's drum kit was not working properly - something to do with the right foot-pedal.

FOURTH - During the initial delay, Jonas' in-ear monitor stopped working. We could hear him fine, but he could not hear his own vocals. This took quite a while to resolve, extending the "Technical Problems" delay to a total of 15 minutes.

FIFTH - There was another brief delay for "Technical Problems" - this time a problem with the bass - between "July" and "Forsaker". This delay was only just over a minute.

The band members were clearly apologetic and embarrassed and did their best to make it up to the fans by hastening their set once they got going again. Also, they skipped the encore routine to ensure that we got as many songs as they could perform before the midnight curfew. One good thing about the shortened performance is that it now fits on one disk (if you leave off the 15-minute "Technical Problems" and the one-minute "Technical Problems #2" track).

So what we've got is a surprisingly good audience recording using the internal mics on the Zoom H4. There is minimal to moderate crowd noise, rarely during the music. Unfortunately I was not close enough to get any good photos so I have not produced any artwork.

Track List:

01 Day And Then The Shade 5:36
XX Technical Problems (included) 15:26
02 Liberation 4:43
03 My Twin 3:53
04 Onward Into Battle 4:01
05 Complicity 4:52
06 The Longest Year 4:54
07 Soil's Song 4:26
08 Omerta 3:46
09 Teargas 3:24
10 Saw You Drown 5:10
11 Ghost Of The Sun 4:26
12 Evidence (false "July" intro) 5:27
13 July 5:03
XX Technical Problems #2 (incl.) 1:04
14 Forsaker 4:22
15 Leaders 5:48

TOTAL TIME with "Technical Problems" & "Technical Problems #2" = 1:26:32
TOTAL TIME without "Technical Problems" & "Technical Problems #2" = 1:10:00

Katatonia is:
Jonas Renske - Vocals
Anders Nyström - Lead Guitar
Daniel Liljekvist - Drums
Per Eriksson - Touring Rhythm Guitar
Niklas Sandin - Touring Bass

For your added pleasure, the performances by Orphaned Land and Swallow The Sun are included. I do not have the complete Track Listing for the Orphaned Land set. Please share if you know the missing track titles.

Orphaned Land Track List:

01 Intro 2:08
02 Barakah 4:28
03 The Kiss Of Babylon (The Sins) 5:20
04 Birth of the Three (The Unification) 7:24
05 Olat Ha'tamid 2:23
06 Sapari 4:14
07 The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness 7:26
08 Ocean Land (The Revelation) 4:29
09 In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue) 3:07
10 Nora El Nora (Entering The Ark) 5:37

TOTAL TIME = 46:42

Swallow The Sun Track List:

01 Intro 2:12
02 These Woods Breathe Evil 6:24
03 Hold This Woe 6:52
04 The Justice Of Suffering 6:25
05 Sleepless Swans 6:54
06 Plague Of Butterflies 6:04
07 New Moon 5:02
08 The Ship 6:58
09 Swallow 5:44

TOTAL TIME = 52:42

Note that the Swallow The Sun set starts off a bit "hot" from the soundboard, not from the recording. There is a big spike of distortion on the very first notes of "These Woods Breathe Evil" - again, soundboard induced, not a recording error. It settles down pretty much, but remains a bit hotter than Orphaned Land or Katatonia.

This is an awesome show. The power of the opening acts combined with the dark prog metal of Katatonia makes for a great event.

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