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Nice to have some hockey talk here. I have a feeling were going to get another Red Wings and Pens final. The Wings were held back a bit last year from injuries. I can see them getting there again. Of course the Hawks will give them a challenege. I think the Kings and Coyotes will be very good too. Id say the Sharks but they'll just barf themselves in the playoffs like always.
As for the Pens, they already had a good team, obviously, and made a couple decent moves so I think they'll make it back. Philly and Jersey will be good. So will the Caps. And believe or not people should watch out for the Leafs. Along with their fans, they will piss some teams off this year.
As for my beloved Sabres, they made little cheap moves like they always do. There are some good young players coming up, but they still got baggage that will hold them back from going farther. They'll compete for the division because the northeast is wide open. But they won't go much farther until they make a bigger move or two, to get them back where they were a few years ago. Jeez, hockey really gets me started Ill stop for now or ill be typing forever. In closing, may the Bruins and Sens burn in hell
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