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Rush -- St. Louis, MO -- March 5th, 1990

Tour: Presto Tour
Headliner: Rush
Support: Mr. Big
Venue: St. Louis Arena, St. Louis, MO
Date: March 5th, 1990

Rush Set List:

Intro: A Show Of Hands
01. Force Ten
02. Freewill
03. Distant Early Warning
04. Time Stand Still
05. Subdivisions
06. Marathon
07. Red Barchetta
08. Superconductor
09. Show Don't Tell
10. The Pass
11. Closer To The Heart
12. Manhattan Project
13. Xanadu
14. YYZ
15. The Rhythm Method (Drum solo)
16. Scars
17. War Paint
18. Mission
19. Tom Sawyer

20. The Big Money
21. 2112 (Overture)
22. La Villa Strangiato
23. In The Mood
24. Wipeout!

Rush Lineup:

Bass/Keyboards/Vocals: Geddy Lee
Guitar: Alex Lifeson
Drums: Neil Peart

This was one of my favorite tours as far as 80's material is concerned. This was not a very diverse set when you consider that almost half of the songs were taken from 3 discs (5 from Presto, 3 from Hold Your Fire and 3 from Power Windows). There were a lot of unhappy fans that wanted to hear more 70's material, but I thought the set list was great. Manhattan Project was so good live. I don't think they have played it since this tour. They played Marathon this year so maybe there is hope that they might bring back Manhattan Project next year. The Presto material all sounded really good. The Pass, War Paint and Show Don't Tell were my favorites from that disc. This was only my second Rush show, so it was the first time I got to see Red Barchetta. That was an amazing experience! It was also my first time seeing Freewill and Xanadu. I thought In The Mood was a cool way to close the show, but this would be the last tour that it was played. Great show.
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