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Scorpions -- Rosemont, IL -- August 21st, 2010

Tour: Get Your Sting And Blackout/Farewell Tour
Headliner: Scorpions
Support: MSG
Venue: Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL
Date: August 21st, 2010

This was the second show of my three show weekend. The Scorpions always put on a good show and I thought it was cool when they announced MSG as the openers. I was looking forward to what surprises they might have in store with Michael Schenker involved. I thought it was odd that they were playing at the Rosemont Theatre. Apparently the 21st was the only night they were available to be in Chicago and the Allstate Arena was already booked. The Rosemont Theatre is a cool venue with good sound, but it is not exactly a great place to see a “metal” show.

MSG Set List:

01. Armed And Ready
02. Cry For The Nations
03. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
04. Are You Ready To Rock
05. Carmine Appice Drum Solo
06. Into The Arena
07. Lights Out
08. On And On
09. Doctor Doctor
10. Rock Bottom

Set Time: 7.30-8.30

MSG Lineup:
Vocals: Gary Barden
Guiter: Michael Schenker
Bass: Rev Jones
Drums: Carmine Appice
Keyboards/Guitar: Wayne Findlay

The MSG set was good, but the crowd seemed a little subdued until they hit Lights Out. Barden tried to get the crowd to sing along on almost every song. Unfortunately, most didn't know the words until they got to Doctor, Doctor and Rock Bottom. I have always been somewhat partial to the 80's McAuley/Schenker material, so I was a little disappointed to not get any songs from that period. It was very cool to hear Into The Arena and the UFO material was great as well.

Scorpions Set List:

01. Sting In The Tail
02. Make It Real
03. Bad Boys Running Wild
04. The Zoo
05. Coast To Coast
06. Loving You Sunday Morning
07. The Best Is Yet To Come
08. Wind Of Change
09. Holiday
10. Raised On Rock
11. Tease Me Please Me
12. Another Piece Of Meat*
13. Kottak Attack
14. Blackout
15. Six String Sting
16. Big City Nights

17. Still Loving You
18. No One Like You**
19. Rock You Like A Hurricane

Set Time: 9.05-10.59

Scorpions Lineup:
Vocals: Klaus Meine
Guitar: Rudolf Schenker
Guitar: Matthias Jabs
Drums: James Kottak
Bass: Pawel Maciwoda

Guitar: Michael Schenker*
Drums: Carmine Appice**

The Scorpions always put on a great show. There were no real surprises in the set, but it was cool to see Make It Real and Loving You Sunday Morning. They played Another Piece Of Meat with Michael Schenker. It included an extended guitar solo duel at the end with Michael and Matthias Jabs. They also played the intro to Good Times Bad Times before ending the song. Carmine Appice played drums on No One Like You. He didn't know the basic beat and pretty much just played straight time, which kind of sucked, honestly. I was disappointed to not get any pre-Lovedrive 70's material. Since this was their last tour I was hoping for a few early gems, but this was still an excellent show overall.
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