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Rush -- Pittsburgh, PA -- September 16th, 2010

This was my second time seeing the almighty Rush, the first being a couple years ago on the first leg of the Snakes and Arrows tour. I had been anxiously awaiting the show all week. I got lucky because my dad bought both of the tickets awhile ago, so I didn't have to pay for this one. This was the first show I've been to with my dad in awhile, and it was a good time. This is the first time I have been to The Consol Energy Center, the newly opened hockey arena in Pittsburgh, and it's a pretty nice place. Our seats were directly in front of the stage in the stadium seats, so even though we weren't that close, our seats weren't too bad.

Rush's video intro started at 7:45. I could feel the excitement building up. They started with The Spirit of Radio and it was great. Time Stand Still was nice to see too. I'll be honest though, I wasn't completely impressed with the song selection of the first set, but it was still a good time. I just kept on thinking, "Soon I'll get to see the whole Moving Pictures album and some other cool old stuff." The highlights of the first set for me would have been Time Stand Still, Stick It Out, Leave That Thing Alone, Freewill, and Subdivisions. I could have done without the songs from Snakes and Arrows, however, but I was expecting songs from that album anyways.

After the intermission it was time for Moving Pictures. Fuck yeah! Red Barchetta was great, and The Camera Eye turned out to be way better than I expected live. After that one was two of my favorite Rush songs, Witch Hunt and Vital Signs (Wierd picks?). Vital Signs was incredible, and was definitely one of the best songs of the night. The new song Caravan was really good, I liked it alot more than BU2B. It almost sounded like old Rush, which is a good sign. Next was Neil's drum solo, and of course I was very impressed. Closer to the Heart and 2112 were next, and I was extremely happy to see both of them. Far Cry was cool, but I didn't expect it to be the closer. After a brief amount of time backstage, Rush came back and jammed into La Villa Strangiato, which is quite possibly my favorite instrumental of all time. Then to close out the night they played what started as a reggae version of Working Man. After that there was a video segment with Paul Rudd and the other guy from I Love You Man, and Rush, which was pretty damn funny. They finished up right before 11.

The Spirit Of Radio
Time Stand Still
Stick It Out
Workin' Them Angels
Leave That Thing Alone
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt
Vital Signs
Drum Solo
Acoustic Solo
Closer To The Heart
2112 (Overture/Temple of Syrinx)
Far Cry
La Villa Strangiato
Working Man

My only complaint is that I would have liked to see some more stuff from A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Caress of Steel, ect.
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