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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
Wow, what a shitty set. Mastodon doesn't know how to compile sets anymore after playing Crack the Skye on three different tours. Oblivionn and Divinations are to be expected, and I'm fine with that- they're great songs. But unless they decide to pull out The Last Baron, two or three CTS songs should be enough. We've all had ample time to hear the CTS songs live. Quintescence and Ghost are the worst songs on CTS anyway.

March of the Fire Ants and Blood and Thunder are great songs and obvious staples, but ehhhh.
Don't go ehhh for Blood & Thunder. It's not an obvious staple. For 2 years they stopped playing it. and then Troy and Brann gave a smartass interview where they said they don't want to play it because the fans like it. Only recently did they come back to their senses. Be grateful for what you get folks.

That being said, Ghost of Karelia still sucks. Personally, I'd substitute that song for I am Ahab and We Built This Come Death.

Also, I'm the only person in the world who likes Quintessence, so keep it coming.
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