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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
Wow, what a shitty set. Mastodon doesn't know how to compile sets anymore after playing Crack the Skye on three different tours. Oblivionn and Divinations are to be expected, and I'm fine with that- they're great songs. But unless they decide to pull out The Last Baron, two or three CTS songs should be enough. We've all had ample time to hear the CTS songs live. Quintescence and Ghost are the worst songs on CTS anyway.

March of the Fire Ants and Blood and Thunder are great songs and obvious staples, but ehhhh.
I have to agree. I love Mastodon, but you're exactly right. Quintessence and Ghost of Karelia could have been dropped. The title track would have been awesome to add too. I love hearing it live. The Deftones and AIC sets are similar to what they have been playing. Either way it looks like a great tour and I'm pissed it's not coming here.
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