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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
I noticed he just went away for a while, but Matt seemed a little out of it, even though he was playing well, so I think he might have broken a string or just been unhappy with his sound. I thought his tone was amazing though. I think I recognized you from the Heathen show by the way...
Haha, I was the Indian kid in the black and white Sleep shirt during the show. Before I hit up the merch I had a High On Fire shirt on. I was running around all over the place during Thrones, but during Sleep I went from middle of the floor to right in front of Matt. But yeah, Matt's guitar sounded simply amazing, and when he would alternate strum on those doubled high strings, his hands were a total blur. Totally fucking godlike And Over the Mountain sounded far better live in person than in YouTube videos. I'm pretty sure that Matt's guitar problems only caused Some Grass and Nain's Baptism to be cut, (both of which are probably the worst songs on Holy Mountain IMHO) so we still got pretty close to a full show.
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