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This Will Destroy You is awesome. It would have been out of this world if I had been able to see Caspian on Monday and TWDY on Tuesday - two of my favorite post-rock bands of all time, back-to-back. But, I saw the better show (Caspian / If These Trees Could Talk) for sure. I have little to no interest in Deftones, and the ticket price was probably ten times what the Caspian show was (five bucks).

BTW, if you like TWDY, their self-titled 2008 album is a fucking post-rock masterpiece. Their 2006 album "Young Mountain" is also quite good. They are set to release their new album "Tunnel Blanket" any time now, but I haven't heard anything in terms of a firm release date yet. They are so small that the thing might just get released without a big announcement, but who knows. I'm sure the album will be great. The two new tracks they have posted on their MySpace page are excellent.
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