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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I understand they've been rotating some songs this entire time, but this structure has been the same for a long time. For fuck's sake, end with something other than Seek And Destroy.

I wish Sad But True wasn't so popular, because that song is totally mediocre. BB&S sucks, but Whiplash, Am I Evil, FWTBT, Blackened, Fade To Black, and No Remorse make that a pretty sweet set.
Agreed on both counts. Pull Seek & Destroy out since everybody has heard it a million times and replace it with Creeping Death (this used to be a staple, but seems to have been removed for some reason) or Ride the Lightning. I'd be happy if I never heard Sad But True again. Everytime I hear that opening riff I think of that jerk-off Kid Rock. Throw in Of Wolf and Man or something.
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