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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
I'm not quite sure what the flyers were trying to do this offseason - it looked like they were trying to upgrade at goalie, then when that didn't pan out, they tried to upgrade the D as much as possible. I know Gagne was overpaid, but losing him still hurts the team. Curious offseason for a team that made it to game 6 of the finals, thats for sure.
I don't think the Flyers did too badly this off-season. Gagne missed considerable time again and the improvement of youngsters like Giroux and Van Riemsdyk (and MAYBE Zherdev... lol) should be able to more than make up for his 17 goals from last year. Goaltending is the big question mark and I'm really surprised they didn't even make a pitch at Niemi. At any rate I think they'll be starting the playoffs on home ice, as much as I hate them.
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