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Apologies for resurrecting this one, but had a question for Andrew (or anyone else who was there at Key Club): Anyone know what Bonded by Blood's setlist was? I remember the following but not 100% sure:

(not in order)
Mind Pollution
Immortal Life
Feed the Beast
Another Disease
Blood Spilled Offerings
Prototype: Death Machine
Exiled to Earth (first time played live as I recall being mentioned by Jose)

Think I'm missing 1-2 others and as said, not sure of the order (other than Mind Pollution coming first). Thanks!

Also, since it wasn't posted (although it's the same in SF the next night), here's Heathen's setlist for the night. Awesome set! Hopefully they have a chance to headline sometime!:

Dying Season
Control by Chaos
Goblin's Blade
Mercy is No Virtue
Arrows of Agony
Death by Hanging
Open the Grave
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