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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Let me put it this way, if you were seeing Deep Purple in concert, and the notes to the riff of Smoke On The Water were in a completely different key, people would riot. Same thing for Iron Man.
You do realize that most people at these concerts probably wouldn't even realize if it wasn't played in the original key, right? Not everyone has a trained ear or a knowledge of music. There were certainly no riots when Iron Man and Paranoid were played an ungodly whole step down (oh noooooo) at Ozzfest this summer.
Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Heres another example, say the tuning that band plays the song in sounds better than the version that's on the album? Then your completely fucked because your memory of that can only last so long and your love of that song is completely tarnished for ever because it will never again be as good as that version. Unless they release a live album of that tour or something.
Not necessarily. I thought Arsis' "We are the Nightmare" sounded better in Eb live as opposed to standard E on the album, but does that mean that I would listen to the studio version with disgust? Hell no.
Originally Posted by JRA View Post
This is usually what I'm referring to. A half step isn't too bad but Ozzy fucking downtunes like 3 steps.
Ummmm, no he doesn't. he only tunes to D live.
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