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Heres another example, say the tuning that band plays the song in sounds better than the version that's on the album? Then your completely fucked because your memory of that can only last so long and your love of that song is completely tarnished for ever because it will never again be as good as that version. Unless they release a live album of that tour or something.

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Playing tuned down is usually fine as long as it's not stupidly more (more than a step) or Seek and Destroy. Tuning up never works. Listen to anything Priest did with Ripper live, the Halford material sounds fine but the stuff in C is neutered. Tuning up 1.5 steps would sound unbelievably shitty. Furthermore, any band that actually uses different tunings can afford to have multiple guitars for the different tunings.

EDIT: This goes triple for anybody playing arenas.

This is usually what I'm referring to. A half step isn't too bad but Ozzy fucking downtunes like 3 steps. And you're dead on with Seek & Destroy. Goddamit that song sounds horrible now. Why the fuck do they tune it that low? Hetfield has never sung a single high note in his life.
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