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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I got this from the ProgPower board, the Seventh Wonder set for their exclusive gold badge show at The Loft on Saturday afternoon:

Tears for a Father (acoustic)
One Last Goodbye (acoustic)
Pieces (acoustic)
Hide and Seek
Banish the Wicked
Alley Cat
In the Blink of an Eye
Welcome to Mercy Falls
The Edge of My Blade

Also, they claim the Friday night setlist included "Not an Angel" between Alley Cat and Welcome to Mercy Falls.
I hate the gold badge people for getting Banish the Wicked and The Edge of My Blade. And yes, they did Not an Angel for their main set, and it was awesome. Karevik is AMAZING live - when he came out to do EdenEcho during the Kamelot set, I screamed like a madwoman.

Mike did a great job with the Kamelot material, apart from one screwup during Ghost Opera where he pretty much forgot 85% of the lyrics and just stood there while the band kept playing. I was honestly afraid for the rest of the set after that... but then they busted out Sailorman's Hymn and Nights of Arabia, and all was right with the world again. He joked about it afterwards, ending their set with, "Thanks, everyone, for coming out and listening to my fucked-up Ghost Opera!"

This was my first ProgPower and I had such a great time - out of all the bands, I think there were only two I didn't enjoy at least a little. I think my favorites overall were Leprous, Seventh Wonder, Tarot, and Oceans of Sadness, and I was very pleasantly surprised by HammerFall and Borealis. Also got my first guitar pick ever from Leaves' Eyes' guitarist, who knelt over the stage and just dropped it in my hands. I know they're not liked that much around here, buuut that made me very happy.
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