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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I would have been PISSED to have that Nocturnal Rites setlist cut. That is complete shit. If the whole thing had been played it would've been a very good setlist. But a Noc set without Fools Never Die and Afterlife just isn't complete.

Kind of upset that apparently no one has been able to give any semblance of a DGM setlist.
yeh Fools Never Die and Afterlife would have topped their great performance. even though they did pretty dam good it lacked the final bang

DGM setlist was handed to the guy two people over and couldn't get a pic of it before he walked away in the crowd
3/5 Cannibal Corpse
4/9 Coal Chamber
4/11 Shoot to Thrill
4/12 Disciple
4/19 Flyleaf
4/20 Atrillery
4/22 Breaking Ben
4/23 The Who
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