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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I assume this was meant as a generalization, not directed at a single person, but I would like to say that I did enjoy seeing Exodus. I did say they put on a great performance, but that I just don't like the vocals. I see of that as more of constructive criticism, not out right bitching.
Yeah it was a generalization because just about everyone says the same fucking thing. I don't see it as 'constructive' because talking about replacing Rob with Zetro is not constructive at all, as it ain't gonna happen (again, a generalization, not necessarily something you said).

My point is, I just can't understand why people would want to make the effort to see a band whose vocalist they hate SO MUCH, so much that they know even before the show that they'll be bitching about it later. Quoting Rob Dukes, "If you don't like it, don't come!"
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