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ProgPower -- Atlanta, GA -- September 10th-11th, 2010

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Center Stage
Date: September 10-11, 2010
Tour: ProgPower XI
This was my first ProgPower and will definitely be coming back next year. Almost every band was amazing and I was on the rail for most of the show.
First up was Illusion Suite. They started the show off pretty good but they were the worst band of the night. But they were still pretty dam good.

Scarlet Skies
The Wire
Once We Were Here
The Passage
A Ghost From the Past

Blackguard was a last minute addition since Turisas dropped off. Even though they tour here quite often, they put on an amazing show and sounded amazing. Will definitely be seeing them with Epica in December.

In Time
The Sword
The Fallen
The Last We Wage
Scarlet to Snow
This Round's on Me

Next was Leaves’ Eyes. They delayed almost an hour because of a laptop issue and there set was cut because it. They were great except all the dam smoke. At certain times you could barely see anything.

My Destiny
Emerald Isle
Take the Devil in Me
Frøya's Theme

Seventh Wonder was a surprising prog band and received great attention and love from the audience.

Hide and Seek
Tears for a Father
Alley Cat
Not An Angel
Welcome to Mercy Falls
Taint the Sky
The Black Parade

Tyr was amazing and great show of Viking metal. They performed with power and skill and made me pissed I had missed them on tour last year.

By The Sword In My Hand
Tróndur í Gøtu
Regin Smiður
Ólavur Riddarós
Sinklars Vísa
Hail to The Hammer
Hold The Heathen Hammer High
Northern Gate
Lokka Táttur
The Wild Rover
Ramund Hin Unge

Nocturnal Fucking Rites. Dam this band was amazing and were the best of the night. They played all the good songs and more. I was told they were going to play an encore but got the curtain shut on them then the stage hands didn’t know about the encore.

Call Out to the World
Never Again
Cuts Like a Knife
New World Messiah
Never Trust
The Iron Force
Strong Enough
Not the Only
Leave Me Alone
Fire Comes to Ice

Unplayed Encore According to Setlist on Stage
Fools Never Die
Against The World

Finally the Friday night headliners, Kamelot. Even though they had Michael Eriksen form Circus Maximus due to Roy Khan’s illness they still did a great job. There were also a few surprise guests on the set.

Rule the World
Ghost Opera
The Great Pandemonium
The Human Stain
Center of the Universe
A Sailorman's Hymn Duet with Eliza Ryd of Amaranthe
Nights of Arabia
When the Lights are Down
Keyboard Solo
The Haunting With Charlotte Wessels of Delain
Hunter's Season
Eden Echo With Tommy Karevik of Seventh Wonder on Vocals
Drum Solo

The Black Halo
Karma With Backing Singer Jake E of Amaranthe on Lead Vocals
March of Mephisto

Seventh Wonder did a show for Gold badge only before the festival started on Saturday.

Tears for a Father (acoustic - just Tommy and Johan)
One Last Goodbye (acoustic)
Pieces (acoustic)
Hide n Seek
Banish the Wicked
Alley Cat
In the Blink of an Eye (from "Become")
Mercy Falls (actually titled "Mercy Fuck" on the setlist itself)
The Edge of My Blade (with a brief Dream Theater intro)

StormWarrior opened up Saturday with a band and continued the metal madness from Friday. Another great example of speed metal from Germany.

Heading Northe
Metal Legacy
Odinn's Warriors
Iron Gods
Signe Of The Warlorde
Heavy Metal Fire
Into the Battle We Ride

Oceans of Sadness from Belgium was second. This band stood out because they were one of only two bands that actually screamed while singing. They were a great Belgian prog band. They also were recognized as a great band as they played.

Between The Lines
From Then On
For When You Sleep, My Love
Accepting Our Weakness
In the End
Some Things Seem So Easy

DGM was third. This band was a perfect example of Italian power metal. The guitarist shredded while the vocalist belted out the notes like an opera singer. The only problem was the mics during some of the songs would cut out.

No Looking Back
Some Day, One Day
Not In Need
In A Movie
Brand New Blood
New Life

Delain was probably the one band I wanted to see the most. Their albums are amazing and their live stuff is even better. Charlotte was as beautiful as ever and sang like a goddess. What topped this performance as number one was the two songs where Marco came out and sang with her.

Stay Forever
Go Away
April Rain
The Gathering With Marco
Control the Storm With Marco
Virtue and Vice
Sleepwalkers Dream
Nothing Left

Tarot did an amazing job and Marco and the gang put on a great show. They were fun and interacted with the crowd for most of the set. The funniest thing to me was when Marco grabbed two bananas and put them two his head like horns and said he was the devil. They were fun and played their better songs.

Sleep In The Dark
I Walk Forever
Satan Is Dead
Crows Fly Black
Calling Down The Rain
Hell Knows
The Color of Blood
Pyre of Gods
Rider of the Last Day

The final band for the festival was the mighty HammerFall. They got the crowd pumped after the 45 minute set up and woke up everybody in the seats and floor. They killed on every song and their reputation stood up. This was also the last concert of this current tour.

Punish and Enslave
The Dragon Lies Bleeding
Crimson Thunder
Hallowed by My Name
Last Man Standing
Blood Bound
Heeding the Call
Rebel Inside
Any Means Necessary
Stronger Than All
Riders of the Storm

Let the Hammer Fall
Hearts on Fire With Jake E from Kamelot and Amaranthe and Jonny Lindkvist from Nocturnal Rites

Overall worth the money and time. This was an amazing experience and I had a hell of a time. Next year is going to be just as good and probably better.

ProgPower XII


Creation’s End
Mob Rules
Sanctuary (Headliner)


While Heaven Wept
Red circuit
Dream Evil
Therion (Headliner)
5/21 Buckethead
5/23 Hate Eternal
5/26 Dying Fetus
5/31 Hatebreed
6/4 Holy Grail
6/12 Lacuna Coil
6/29 Slipknot

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