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I hope they're looking forward to moving 800 tickets this year, because that's all I figure they'll do. They can't even dream of a sell-out with a lineup like that.

I'll reiterate. What a joke. I hate the fact that this festival has gotten so up its own ass with trying to please every single facet of the community that it is in turn pleasing essentially no one.

Seriously, what the fuck kind of bands are Voyager, Red Circuit, Eldritch, and Creation's End (whose debut album isn't even out, mind you) for "lesser known" traditional-festival-style acts? Let me not even mention that Voyager being the first-ever Australian band on the festival is a joke in and of itself. Labyrinth is the ONLY band on the entire bill I would consider paying $20+ and driving 2+ hours to see on their own. That is EASILY an all-time low in the history of the festival. Long gone are the days of 10 band lineups where I would've genuinely wanted/loved to see 7-8 or more of the bands. I feel these lineups are just going to keep getting worse until Glenn eventually does his Finale Blowout year for the end of the festival.
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