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Originally Posted by Raivotar View Post
I love how there's finally a setlist with songs that rarely get played and people bitch that Dracula and Ten Thousand Strong, two songs that have staples for 2+ years, aren't in. Revel in the fact that Colors, A Question of Heaven, Stygian and Last December are in instead.
Oh I am reveling, but my point to all bands out there why can't we have these plus Dracula, ten thousand strong and Melancholy! Fans deserve more than an hour and a half. Let the "ten thousand strong" have 3 hours and then no one could bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And oh by the way since I am bitching why can't they drop Iced Earth from the set? Just like I think Maiden needs to drop Iron Maiden from their set as well. (We get it guys its the name of the band, enough already!)
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