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Originally Posted by LogInKill View Post
They didnt play complicity and Departer was very deep.
Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out.
Originally Posted by DigMySpanky View Post
So...good show? How was Swallow the Sun? I'm going to see this tonight. Can't wait!
Eh, I personally didn't like Swallow the Sun all that much, they just didn't impress me and their set got abruptly cut after New Moon because the venue took forever setting up and they gave the local opener a 40min set(felt like it) for some reason.
Orphaned Land was decent.
Katatonia was amazing and even before the set these guys in the crowd right next to me were singing some of the songs they usually don't play, it was hilarious. But overall great crowd for all the bands
Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
That guy sounded amazing. Who is Krister Linder anyway? I wikipedia'd him, but don't really know much more.

Anyway, great show, the mix sounded good, I heard everything well, vocals a little too loud but hey that's ok. Had a great time.
Yeah the mix was pretty solid for the most part except for Anders guitar but that was only distracting when he had a solo. I also don't know much of Krister Linder so I can't help you there.
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