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From the little I tried to listen to their last 3 albums they are still Nu-Metal riffs. Only way they tried to "distance" (and I use that term loosely) is to throw in the occasional solo which was absent from atleast their first 2 albums. To me the occasional solo was more to show that they could do songs w/ leads in them. Even though highly unnecessary. I'm sure Dan is probably a good guitar player but honestly this is not the band to be in to showcase his talent.

To reiterate my point... lyrically they have grown up. Musically still the same only now the riffs that are being used are not even as catchy as first 2.5 albums. W/ the occasional unnecessary solo. This was my 4th or 5th time seeing Disturbed. I did enjoy them years ago. I've continously given them chances for me to like them and each show is less and less enjoyable. Not being a dick, I've tried to like them, not feeling it anymore.

I can say their last albums don't sound like old Korn or Slipknot because I can still listen to their older stuff and still enjoy it. Which is what I cannot say for new Disturbed.

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