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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Guess I'll clarify a little bit. Lyrically yes I think Disturbed as stepped it up album to album. Musically no I don't think they have. It still just comes off as more updated Nu-metal riffing. I have listened to the new album. I've given every one of their albums an honest shot. The last album I bought was Believe and realized no I will not be fooled again. There is a reason the biggest responses they get are for songs released 7-10 years ago.

From a live point of view I'm just not that impressed w/ their live show. From a performance aspect. I will agree I might have been wrong w/ their LED screens as yes they were incredibly clear. Maybe it was more what they had going on those screens is what turned me off. But interviews they did before the tour really had them talking it up and A7X blew their stage out of the water.
The only nu-metal album Disturbed ever made was The can't seriously listen to any of the last three albums and tell me it sounds like Korn or old Slipknot.
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