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they opened for Maiden tonight on my virtual show, it was a while since I last listened to SOAD, still aways fucking great. We want a comeback !

here's my 70 minutes set:

intro - Soldier Side
1 Prison Song
2 Mr. Jack
3 Sad Statue
4 Deer Dance
5 War?
6 X
7 Cigaro
8 Needles
9 Chop Suey
10 Suggestions
11 Psycho
12 Atwa
13 Jet Pilot
14 Toxicity
15 Aerials


16 Spiders
17 Snowblind
18 Lonely Day

given the time allowed I had to put a lot of Toxicity in the set, that album is so amazing to me, with half an hour more I would have been able to include more of the other albums

Cheers !
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