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Buckcherry -- Baltimore, MD -- September 9th, 2010

this was the free show at power plant live. Outside of the fact that the sound kinda sucked cause unless you were way in the back, you couldn't really hear or understand any of the vocals (they had the speakers that the mic comes out of all the way on the far left and right sides, so unless you had super hearing, you prob didn't hear much.
Here's Flyleaf's set
1. Fully Alive
2. Beautiful Bride
3. Alive
4. Again
5. Cassie
6. All Around Me
7. Chasm
8. Swept Away
9. I'm So Sick
10. Arise
11. How He Loves Us (cover


1.Talk to Me
3.All Night Long
5.Rescue Me
6.Next 2 You
7.Lit Up
8.For the Movies
9.It's a Party
10.Dirty Mind
11.Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
13.Crazy Bitch
14.Our World

Oh and one more thing too, prior to flyleaf taking the stage, there was this idiot in a wheel chair and his girlfriend pushing through the crowd to try to get up front. When nobody budged, she called everyone an asshole and kept hitting me with a drum stick to try to get me to move. If they had gotten there when everyone did on the rail, he'd be more then welcome.

Also another thing (sorry if this review comes off more as a rant then anything), IDK what the deal with the security was but after about say 4 songs into buckcherrys set (there had been sporatic crowd surfers through out the night). Security was actually throwing surfters back over the guardrail, and when people insisted on pushing them over, security would throw em back, and then try their best to yell at them over the loud music.

Anyways, would def see both bands again in a better venue (show was outdoors)
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