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Originally Posted by GWAR654 View Post
dude Disturbed gets better and better and more musically mature every cd.
Yes they have. Indestructible and the new one are my favorite albums from them. Unlike Stone Sour who has regressed beyond belief with some of the crappy, poppy sounding shit they've got on their new one.

I feel the same way about Disturbed's show as the OP does about A7X's. To me they had nothing special that haden't been done before. All they do is have a big stage setup that looks cool but is nothing special that hasn't been done already. They add fire to every song so everyone thinks their show and songs kick ass but they don't at all. They just want everyone to think that by adding fire everywhere and blowing stuff up all night. I'm sure Beavis would love their show though

I thought Disturbed's stage setup was great. I'm not sure where you're coming from with it's not anything that hasn't been done before with LED screens? I've seen bands with video screens before plenty of times but I don't recall seeing any use one like they have. Is there some trend going on with LED's for bands live I'm not aware of? Disturbed's video screen on this tour is probably the highest quality and clearest i've ever seen a band have ever.
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