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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
God, I love that album...I've seen them a few times now, and I've only gotten Had to Leave and For My Demons.

Also, I love pretty much every song on Last Fair Deal EXCEPT for Teargas. I'mt not too worried about tonight, they usually change things up nightly, my only real issue is half the set is the new album.
It's my favorite Katatonia album. I would love to see No Good Can Come of This. I think I've seen setlists with In Death, A Song in it as well, but besides that & the two you mentioned, I don't think they play much off the album.

I liked the new album quite a bit, so I'm not complaining about the setlist being heavy on that, but I wouldn't mind some variation. Has anyone seen any setlists for Swallow the Sun or Orphaned Land?
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