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Uproar Tour -- Tulsa, OK -- September 8th, 2010

Well there are a few things in this post I never thought I'd say or admit to but what the hell.... This was alot better than what I ever tried to give it credit for. First off due to the lovely forecast in Tulsa the 2nd stage was moved to The Convention center just a few blocks down the road, kind of a weird place to have this at but beats the hell outta doing it in the rain.

For the most part the 2nd stage is just absolutely dreadful, nicest way I can put it. Only bands I even knew were Hail The Villian which for some reason even the 2nd time around seeing them they weren't half bad. Wouldn't go out of my way to see them or anything but still for some reason I find them enjoyable.

Shittiest news of the day was right after them that Hellyeah wasn't going to be playing b/c of "weather" issues... Even though apparently everybody else seemed to get there just fine. Still pissed about that. Biggest letdown of the day for sure.

Actually went and met Halestorm and they were really some of the nicest people I've ever got to meet. Granted they aren't necessarily my thing but atleast they were nice enough people. Can't complain w/ that.

Left in the middle of Airbourne. Easily best band of 2nd stage... Might be kind of a backhanded compliment considering what they were up against but they were enjoyable the little I saw for them and would definitley like to see them again sometime.

After that walked back to the arena for the mainstage bands. This is where I continued to be surprised. Obviously Halestorm opened up the show. I was surprised in how much I enjoyed them. I think I saw them like maybe 4 years ago and just hated them. I'll give this to Lizzy, she can belt it out as good as anyone. Their set wasn't any different than what's previously posted. Their drum circle thing was pretty impressive. After seeing Soulfly a few times I feel spoiled when there is a drum jam like that but it was still very enjoyable.

Even though top to bottom the Stone Sour list wasn't my favorite it got better for one reason that I complained about a few weeks ago.....

Mission Statement
Made of Scars
Say You'll Haunt Me
Get Inside
Your God
Through Glass
Hell & Consequences

Thank god. I think they said this was first time doing Get Inside on uprorar. Shame they got rid of Come(what) Ever May. I could name off like 3 songs I'd rather they get rid of but I got Get Inside, and THANK GOD still no Bother. New album my be decent but crowd not into new songs as much. But really for the amount of time they got I will not complain one bit at all. They helped me get over the Hellyeah disapointment.

Now to the part I never thought that I would ever say. Avenged Sevenfold started out more as a guilty pleasure for me and I'll be completely honest. I enjoyed the shit out of them tonight. Their stage setup blew away just about everything I think I have ever seen in a live show. Still not sure what to think of the hanging man all during "Nightmare", little odd... Obviously I was most excited to see Mike Portnoy for the first time. That drum kit he played was just absolutely sick. And he was just as amazing as I figured he'd be. Now it is kind of sad as I did not get the very sad Dream Theater news until right after the show. But he really seemed like he was really enjoying himself behind the kit. Surprised this was never brought up. For "Critical Acclaim" they actually use a prerecorded version of The Rev doing the chorus instead of somebody actually doing that part. Kinda glad Portnoy didn't do it, his vocals would just not work. I understand the tribute part but also I understand the live part as well. Obviously I'm not the one who lost a friend/bandmante so I have no need to judge, but it is kind of odd. So yea I may have went to the dark side but A7X had one of the best performances I've seen in awhile. I wanted to downplay them but they were phenomenal and I'm not even gonna hide that. Amazing stage set, alot of pyro, alot of blowing shit up. I'd definitley see them again. Never seen so many of one band shirts as I did A7X tonight. I think they almost doubled the amount of Disturbed shirts that I saw. Their set was same as well. Not sure of alot of the stuff off their new album. Might try giving it a little more of a chance. Obviously as well I'd like more from Pre-City Of Evil but that's probably not likely anymore. Oh well, one of the best shows I've seen in the year.

Yea....Disturbed.....Uhhh. I guess they did same set. Made it through like 4 or 5 songs and realized "Yea that's enough". And it made me realize "wow when I really enjoyed them at Ozzfest... That was 9 years ago". Luckily I have grown up musically since that time. Musically they have not. For all they were talking about their great stage setup it wasn't anything that hasn't been done w/ decent LED screens but really that was the extent of it. Avenged blew their stage the hell out of the water. Land Of Confusion was w/o a doubt the right time to leave. Might have had maybe 1 or 2 other songs I would have wanted to hear for nostalgia purchases but the nostalgia doesn't mean that much to me.

I'd say w/o a doubt one of the better shows of the year. Only negative was really horrible 2nd stage & getting stood up by Hellyeah for whatever reason. Get Inside made the Stone Sour set & I will await the finger of shame for going to the dark side of liking A7X. Disturbed is still stuck in Nu-Metal hell and are taking everybody w/ them.

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