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Sleep -- Philadelphia, PA -- September 7th, 2010

Show was fucking incredible. made the mistake of waiting till the end to get merch, and all that was left was a note that said "Everything sold out, smoke weed thank you philly!" hahahah. we definately got a better set than brooklyn, they played atleast 3/4ths of dopesmoker

Not in correct order, but basically right, songs played:

Dopesmoker intro (cuts off before drop out of life bit)
Holy Mountain
MORE Dopesmoker
Evil Gypsy/Soloman's Theme
even MORE dopesmoker
Nain's Baptism
Inside the Sun
a little MORE Dopesmoker!
The Druid
From Beyond
A lot more Dopesmoker (proceeds the weedan bit + a little more)


The end part of Dopesmoker
Antarticans Thawed
Cultivator Intro
Improved Merris

show was fucking incredible. im almost possitive this was right. might be a little iffy on some parts. but all those dopesmoker parts were definately played. i cant believe i got to see the sleep and floor reunions this summer, not to mention boris. fuck yeah. i really hope they come back around. the set was about an hour and 45 minutes, and totally worth it, they also had some awesome visuals. starlight balroom is a great place for a show. besides that its in the ghetto.
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