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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Buffalo is worse than a B market. Even Rush couldn't get a date booked here this summer and they play here every tour. Yeah Toronto is close to me if you wanna go through the BS of border crossing and Canadians sitting down during shows. I saw Rush there in 1997 and everyone sat down, I saw Black Sabbath there in 1999 on their reunion tour and guess what? Everybody sat again. I heard it was a Canadian thing to sit for shows and since I don't do that I don't go to any shows in Canada unless the venue is general admission.

Plus, I never got around to getting me a new passport which makes crossing the border to much of a pain in the ass. I know it may be closed minded on my part but those couple of concert experiences really did ruin it for me in terms of going to see the big arena/amphitheater shows up there.
I don't get how anyone can sit down at a metal show.
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