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1.Into The Lungs Of Hell
2.Last Rites/Loved You To Deth
3.Train Of Consequences
4.Mary Jane
5.Go To Hell
7.My Last Words
8.The Scorpion
9.Holy Wars..The Punishments Due
10.Rattlehead (Vic Comes Out)
11.This Day We Fight!
12.In My Darkest Hour
14.The Conjuring
15.A Toute Le Monde
16.Hangar 18
17.Symphony Of Destruction
18.These Boots
19.Poison was The Cure
20.Head Crusher
21.Peace Sells
22.Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
3/7-Expire/Rotting Out
3/10-Retox/To The Point
3/11-Mutilation Rites
3/20-Rancid/Sick Of It All?
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