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Originally Posted by bassmasta257 View Post
As pathetic as this sounds, this was the first "true black metal" show Ive ever been to, partially because I'm 16 and haven't been into black metal long enough to have the chance to see any except for Vreid and Belphegor on the Heathenfest tour, but mostly because there is never any fucking black metal tours in the US (i missed Mayhem when they came........). But anyways I am incredibly glad i went to this as i was in awe pretty much the whole show. I was very late for me, it started at 8:30 and didn't end until 12:45 ish, and traffic getting back was a bitch so i ended up getting home at 2 and getting up 4 hours later for school

Cardiac Arrest 9/10- A local opener, they slayed. Reminded me of Incantation. Their sound quality was spot on and their songs never ceased to catch my interest, this bands definitely going places. No set as i was unfamiliar with their work before this show, however i liked it so much i got myself a patch. Also was talking to one of the guitarists and he was a pretty cool dude

Pathology 6/10- Now don't get me wrong, i love brutal death metal and Ive listened to these guys before and like it quite a bit, however they bored me to death. their sound quality sucked and all their songs sounded the same for the most part. But i was a huge fan of the singer, who i believe is just filling in for them on this tour. He was doing crazy low grunts yells and squeals perfectly and it sounded very badass.

Destroyer 666 10/10- I wouldnt be able to say anything negative about them even if i really wanted to, it was just unbelievable. They played for a whole hour which made me very happy. Sound quality was great and the singer/guitarist seemed really cool when he was talking to crowd, seemed really happy to be there. In between songs he didnt take a drink of water, instead he had swigs of what looked like whiskey to me, which made me laugh. Some dickhole through a beer can at him which was a stupid move since the venue was so small everyone knew who it was and he got kicked out. However the singer just kept on playing and having a good time, not even lingering on what just happened which i thought was a great thing. Not stopping him or anyone else from having a fun time because of some prick.

Rise of the Predator
A Breed Apart
The Last Revelation
Sons of Perdition
I Am Not Deceived
Blood for Blood
Genesis to Genocide
Satan's Hammer
Black City - Black Fire
Australian and Antichrist
I Am The War God
Eternal Glory of War
Satanic Speed Metal

Enthroned 9/10- Now the only reason I deduct one point from them is the fact that they played almost no old material, it was a huge bummer. Me and these 2 other dudes kept shouting EVIL CHURCH in the middle of their set and when they came back out for the encore, but to no avail. So because of the lack of songs by them that i actually know, i dont have a complete setlist. I also missed half or so of the first song because i was smoking some of the wonderful herb behind the venue with these cool mexican dudes and this one guy who offered it to me, who i had been talking to for a good majority of the night. As i was walking back to the entrance everyone was outside chilling so me and my friend hung there for a few when we realized that Enthroned was actually playing and no one was giving a shit. We booked inside and the first thing i saw was Nornagest in brutal looking corpse paint and i got that feeling of holy shit this is fucking awesome!!!!!! I was also surprised that there were almost no people there for them!! it was quite sad actually, i felt bad for the band as they were doing a phenomenal job and there was maybe 50 people or so inside for them, as opposed to the place being just about packed for D666. But enough negativity, because overall they were fantastic. The guitar sounds were a bit....odd sounding, but not bad in anyway. It was pure raw black metal, the kind of stuff that puts you in a different world when you listen to it. I loved every second of it even tho they played mostly new stuff, but was happy as hell when they played The Ultimate Horde Fights and At The Sound of the Millennium Black Bells. I got a spot on the rail about half way thru their set and my life was made then and there.

One thing that puzzled me was one of their guitar players was wearing a hoodie with the hood up and sleeves cut off, legit eye liner and had a combover. Not to mention i thought it was a chick for the first 10 or so minutes. Kinda contradicted the baddassery of the rest of the band. The drummer was a machine, and was one of the best if not the best metal drummer Ive ever seen. And yes i really mean that, he was even better than George Kollias when i saw Nile, he played everything flawlessly and had very intricate beats that really added to the music. He was the band member that i watched the most and never ceased to impress me on how well he was playing, fast blast beats faster then most death metal, and was using the "swivel technique" that George Kollias uses with both of his feet to play double bass that was unhumanly fast. The fills were not only very creative but fast and in perfect rhythm with the rest of the song. He blew me away especially since i wasnt expecting him to be so good!

note this is only the songs i knew by them and it is definitely out of order except for the encore

The Burning Dawn
Through The Cortex
At The Sound Of The Millennium Black Bells
The Ultimate Horde Fights
Dance of a Thousand Knives
The Vitalized Shell
The Essential Chaos
This is Tom from Cardiac Arrest...Thanks for the review! Yes, we are local to Chicago, however, we don't play here much anymore. We were on four dates of the Enthroned/Destroyer tour and our date just happen to kick off in Chicago. One reason you may have never seen us is that it is rare we play all ages shows. There are very few places that even do it anymore. We played here in July when our US tour came through here...

Anyway, thanks for the review and for all the kind words everyone.

Our setlist for these four shows were mostly off our new album, Haven For The Insane, which is available on Ibex Moon Records.

Insanity's Grip
Among Us (off second album Cadaverous Presence)
Against Their Will
The Blade That Reaps
Embrace The Aftermath
Paralyzed With Fear
Affliction of the Beast


Tom and Cardiac Arrest
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