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I got to the show around 330 to find that all of LA was going to this show. There were too many people there. I'm guessing about 10,000 or more and only 10 or so places to get water, so the wait was at least 45 minutes. Saw Off! and 7 Seconds. They were awesome, then the 3 and a half hour wait for Sleep was unbearable. I saw a little bit of Man Man and was confused by their set, so I wandered over to see th Mountain Goats. I thought they were cool. I still don't know how I managed to get one of their drum sticks, but I did. Just saw something flying really fast towards my face, so I put my hand up to block and next thing I know, there was a drum stick in my hand haha. Sleep finally came on 10 minutes late and was fucking awesome! I wish they had a longer set so they could play all of Holy Mountain, but I'm glad I at least got to see them. Biggest downside was the fucking dirt flying everywhere. Did not think Sleep would get a pit started, but it happened and too much dirt went in the air, making it impossible to breath at times. I hope I get to see a full set someday.
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