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I've been going to shows in Atlanta since 1987, and I've seen worse crowds. For example the Death Angel show a couple of months ago.

I enjoyed Bonded by Blood quite a bit. I thought they captured the spirit of 80's thrash and won the small crowd over. On the other hand, I can't stress enough how I hated Holy Grail. I think I might recognize the shirtless guitarist from my gay porn stash.

This was my fifth or sixth time seeing Malevolent Creation, the first time being on their first tour with Devastation and Demolition Hammer. The first poster forgot to mention that they busted out the old classic "Injected Sufferage" for the first time in ages. It's always cracked me up that 'sufferage" (sic) means the right to vote, but they think it's something negative. Anyway, they ruled, as always.

My opinion of Exodus is affected by the fact that I saw them so many times "back in the day" with Zetro. I left after 3 songs with the raging douchebag on vocals the other night. I just couldn't take any more. I hated the set when they played with Kreator, and it was going in that direction. That said, I did enjoy them when they opened for Megadeth and Testament at the Tabernacle not long ago. It all depends on the material, I suppose.
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