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I now know why metal bands don't come to Atlanta. You've got one of the biggest thrash metal bands from the Bay Area and one of the biggest death metal bands from Florida on a Friday night and barely 70 people show up??

I thought Bonded by Blood kinda sucked, originality whatsoever and the vocalist was really annoying. Same goes for Holy Grail, though they were a bit better outside the vocal realm.

Malevolent Creation was amazing. If I was more familiar with their material I probably would also regret not seeing them in July. They were heavy as fuck. I was headbanging the whole time.

Exodus was... alright. I thought the sound suffered during their set, especially during "Children of a Worthless God." (my favorite song of theirs)
"Deathemphetamine" and "Strike of the beast" were really good, though.
Even "Good Riddance" was very good, though I found it extremely insulting that they played "Downfall."
Also I realize Rob Dukes may not be an asshole, but he certainly looks like one with his dumb Infidel shirt and basketball shorts. I just can't get over how much of a fat douche he is.

I don't know if I'd see Exodus again. Probably not. Definitely Malevolent, though.

Also there was a band called Sadistic Ritual that played in Purgatory. Wow... just wow. Amazing, really. Think Kreator, Slayer, Dark Angel.

coltongsmith, I wonder if we saw each other? I was the skinny kid in the Slayer shirt.
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