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March of Brutality -- Atlanta, GA -- September 3rd, 2010

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: September 3, 2010
Tour: March of Brutality

This was the probably my first concert that started with an amazing local band and then continued to get better and better with every band.
Tetrarch was a local band i had never seen, but they did a pretty good job and played with a thrash vibe.

Second was Bonded by Blood. This band made me think I had stepped back into the early 80ís. They were an amazing thrash revival band and this is where I like to see music going. They played fast as hell and shredded my face off.

Setlist (Not sure about the order)
Mind Pollution
Prototype Death Machine
Immortal Life
Exiled To Earth
Another Disease
Feed The Beast

Next was Holy Grail. They shredded on guitars while the vocalist bellowed in the likes of Judas Priest and Accept. I was again happy to see another band that knows its roots and can play like the good old days.

Immortal Man
For All Eternity
Call of Valhalla
Fast as a Shark (Accept Cover)
Crisis in Utopia
My Last Attack
Fight to Kill

Fourthly was one of the monsters of death metal, Malevolent Creation. I missed this band back in July and now regret that I did. They were phenomenal and added some diversity to the night. I donít plan on missing them again.

Eve Of The Apocalypse
Multiple Stab Wounds
Blood Brothers
Injected Suffrage
Infernal Desire
Living In Fear
Malevolent Creation

Finally was Exodus. Even though some arenít a fan of Rob, I think he does a pretty damn good job. But Gary and Lee made the show. They were fucking fantastic and didnít miss a dam note. They topped off the night with an absolute bang.

The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
Beyond the Pale
Children of a Worthless God
War Is My Shepherd
The Toxic Waltz
Bonded By Blood
Strike Of The Beast
Good Riddance

I got pics with Rob, Gary, Lee and other members of Malevolent, Holy Grail, and Bonded by Blood.

Overall Rating
Bonded by Blood 9/10
Holy Grail 9.5/10
Malevolent Creation 9.5/10
Exodus 10/10
11/27 Blind Guardian
11/28 Mayhem/Watain
12/8 All That Remains
12/11 Goatwhore
01/05 Venom Inc
01/10 Nile
01/19 Lamb of God
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